Noel Gallagher dubs relationship with Liam ‘Oasis’s Achilles heel’

Singer was speaking on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs

Appearing on this week’s edition BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Noel Gallagher answered questions from host Kirsty Young on the history of Oasis and the famously tumultuous relationship he shared with his brother, Liam.

The guitarist took part in the series that asks guests to select the eight records they would want with them if marooned on a dessert island. Gallagher’s choices included The Sex Pistol’s ‘Pretty Vacent’, The Smiths’ ‘Hand In Glove’ and The Beatles’ ‘Ticket To Ride’.

“The way it worked was, when were not slagging each other off, that’s when were telling each other that we loved each other. That’s it,” said Noel. “Clearly there was a point where he was the greatest singer in the world and it was great. It just so happens that the two of us we like to call a spade a spade. But it was very sarcastic mud-slinging.”

NMEMichael Spencer Jones

When asked if he and Liam were close when growing up in Manchester, Noel said: “When you are 10 and your brother is five it is a lifetime away and so I never hung out with any of his friends, but, yeah, we got on.

“You can gain some strength from being in a band with your brother when everyone else is a stranger, but as time goes on it becomes your Achilles heel because you know how to push each other’s buttons.

“On our day we were great. People are there now at my concerts that weren’t even born then and they are crying at Oasis songs. All all over the world people are still in massively in love with that band – and none more so than me.”

Gallagher also revealed that his rocky relationship with his father caused him to question his own ability to be a parent: “What kind of dad am I going to be? I haven’t got anything to base this on apart from my old fella who was a bit rubbish.”

He also spoke fondly of the 90s, calling the height of Oasis’s popularity “great days”.

“What people are refusing to accept is that the 90s were brilliant. Think about that time, with Thatcher being ushered out and New Labour coming in. And Oasis, Blur and Pulp all those bands in the top five all the time.”


Just this week saw Gallagher exchange words with a heckler at his show at The Marquee in Cork. “Where’s Liam?”, shouted the fan, to which Noel replied, “For the benefit of everybody, there’s some comedian here that’s just said, ‘Where’s Liam?’ Is he a local comedian?”

He continued: “Liam’s at home looking at himself in the mirror.”

Gallagher then turned his sights onto the heckler himself, adding: “Fortunately, he’s still not as big of a cunt as you are. Imagine that, being a bigger cunt than our kid. Imagine that.”