Mark Ronson lashes out at Noel Gallagher

Producer hits back at Oasis leader over 'three chords' comment

Mark Ronson has hit back at Noel Gallagher after the Oasis leader said that Amy Winehouse and Kaiser Chiefs’ producer should improve and “learn three chords on the guitar and go write a tune”.

The guitarist also accused Ronson of ruining other people’s songs with his covers.

The producer re-ignited the Jay-Z row by jibing on his MySpace blog that he was taking guitar lessons from the rapper.

He added: “Noel Gallagher said I should ‘learn three chords on the guitar and go write a tune’. So I just wanted him to know that I’m actually taking guitar lessons from Jay-Z right now and he’s already taught me both chords to ‘Wonderwall’ (tune!).

“In fact, it’s so much fun having Jay teach me all of Noel‘s songs on the guitar (hooray!) that I’m thinking of doing an Oasis/Jay-Z remix album a la ‘The Grey Album’. Potential titles are ‘Champagne Superhova’ or ‘Definitely Jay Z’. I’ll keep you posted.”

Ronson also took a final dig at Gallagher who criticised the producer, Amy Winehouse, Kaiser Chiefs and Scouting For Girls on Radio 1 on Friday (August 15), by adding: “P.P.S. Noel, I did write a song called ‘Back To Black’, which actually has seven chords in it.”