Ryan Adams compares new Oasis album to Radiohead

Singer says 'Dig Out Your Soul' is a revelation like 'Kid A'

Ryan Adams has compared the feel of Oasis‘ new album to Radiohead‘s most experimental work.

The singer, who supported Oasis when they kicked off their world tour in the US in August, says that ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ hit him the same way that the Oxford band’s 2000 album ‘Kid A’ did.

“The first time I heard ‘Kid A’ I went ‘OK, I have no fucking idea what kind of music this is but it’s moving me. It sounds like a revelation.’ That’s what the new Oasis stuff sounds like it sounds like,” Adams told The Quietus.com. “They have entered into some strange uncanny spiritual crazy door and have just lost themselves completely to it and it is marvellous.”

Adams went on to praise frontman Liam Gallagher‘s songwriting on the new album – due out on October 6 – particularly after the criticism he received for his initial efforts on the ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ album back in 2000.

“He is so abstract I can’t believe how far he’s come…” declared Adams. “[I said to him] ‘Oh you know you could have stopped at ‘Little James’ for me and I would have been forever ruined in a perfect way . . . because the idea that like you just sort of went like ‘I’m going to try this [songwriting] and your brother was so inspired by that’, it’s so beautiful you know.”