Oasis ‘may not reform for 20 years’, says former manager Alan McGee

"I wouldn't even go to see them," the Creation Records boss states in new interview

Oasis‘ former manager Alan McGee has stated that he can’t imagine a reunion of the Britpop band happening “any time soon”.

The group originally split in 2009 with Noel Gallagher citing at the time an inability to work with his brother Liam as the key reason. However, recent tabloid reports first claimed that the brothers had come to “a gentlemen’s agreement” to reunite and then suggested that the band would reform without Noel.

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Addressing the rumours in a new interview, McGee said: “Liam and Noel are the happiest I’ve seen them in years, so for that reason I can’t see a reunion happening.” Despite this, McGee stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if Oasis reunited “at some point in the next 20 years”. He added: “Who knows what goes on in the heads of the Gallaghers?”

The Creation Records founder also claimed that the topic of a reunion has never come up when he’s spoken to the Gallagher brothers: “I’ve met Noel on numerous occasions recently and bumped into Liam a few times and we’ve had lengthy conversations and a reunion has never been discussed. I haven’t even got Liam’s mobile phone number any more – I have Noel’s – but not Liam’s. That’s not because I don’t like him, because I do. It’s just because I don’t have anything in common with him any more. Liam is lovely. He’s actually a real gentleman. But we have separate lives. I live in a small town in Wales where nobody gives a fuck who you are. If I wanted to be involved in the showbiz world I’d be in London.”

Whether the band reunite or not, McGee is sure that he will not be involved in any comeback. “They’ve already got a manager and I like things the way they are,” McGee said. “I certainly wouldn’t have any interest in reforming the band… I wouldn’t even go to see them. I suppose if they toured and somebody told me their gigs were incredible I might go but only if I knew it was going to be great.”

Elsewhere in the interview with The Mirror, McGee denies any suggestion that the feud between the Gallaghers may be exaggerated for media consumption: “They are not showbizzy people like that. When they say something, they mean it. When Liam’s calling Noel ‘Katie Hopkins’ he really means it.”

Noel Gallagher has previously denied that he would be interested in an Oasis reunion, claiming that the original rumour came from a “source close to Liam”.