Oasis’ Noel Gallagher ‘outraged’ at Russell Brand BBC scandal

'It's hardly offensive' says guitarist about radio debacle

OasisNoel Gallagher has said he is “outraged” at the furore surrounding his friend Russell Brand‘s radio scandal.

Presenters Brand and Jonathan Ross are suspended from the BBC after making prank calls to actor Andrew Sachs, during which they made comments about Brand sleeping with his granddaughter.

Brand subsequently quit his post as a BBC Radio 2 presenter.

Gallagher told BBC Radio Ulster’s Across The Line show that he believed that the media furore surrounding the incident was an overreaction, and described the incident as “at worst a juvenile prank”.

“I spoke to Russell, he told me he was going to fall on his sword,” Gallagher said. “Personally, I’m outraged that, yet again, the joyless fuckers who write the columns in the Daily Mail, The Telegraph or The Observer have dictated the tone and are telling people how to behave.

“I’ve seen the Daily Mail, they said that Russell should be arrested and charged. Arrested for what? For taking the piss? It’s so typical of the English in general. 10,000 people get outraged, but only days after it has happened.”

Gallagher added: “At worst it was a juvenile prank that wasn’t unfunny but it’s hardly offensive. I feel bad for Russ, ’cause he really loved doing the show. I loved being on it as well.”

More of the interview with Gallagher will be broadcast Across The Line’s Monday evening (November 3).

The Killers and Glasvegas were caught up in the Brand/Ross scandal, with the former having their appearance on ‘Friday Night With Jonathan Ross’ pulled and the latter having an appearance on ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ shifted.