Oasis’ Noel Gallagher: ‘My night with Marilyn Manson and Kenickie’

Read an early extract from NME's exclusive Oasis interview now

Noel Gallagher has spoken about a wild night out – that saw him hanging out with Marilyn Manson and ‘Grease’ character Kenickie – while mixing Oasis‘ new album in Los Angeles.

The Oasis leader was over in America working on ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ with producer Dave Sardy when he and brother Liam Gallagher ended up on a very unlikely wild night out.

In an this extract from NME‘s exclusive with the guitarist, Noel Gallagher reveals how the self-styled God Of Fuck invited him to a show, after which the Jeff Conaway, the actor who played Kenickie pulled a knife on him.


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Noel: “Don’t ask how, but we know his [Marilyn Manson] bass player, Twiggy.”

Twiggy Ramirez. The guy who wears the leather skirt, right?

Noel: “…and he wears a witch’s hat as well. Don’t ask. So anyway, they’re doing a gig, and he says, ‘Manson wants you to come up and see him.’ He’s a massive Oasis fan: ‘Be Here Now’ is his favourite album because it was recorded on a fucking mountain of charlie. The plan was to get there ten minutes before he comes offstage. Now, along the way the message got garbled and we got there ten minutes before he came onstage…”

So you had to sit through a Marilyn Manson show?

Noel: “We get marched to a spot behind the mixing desk, and there’s all these American goths, and the gig’s going on, it’s all screaming and shouting, rape and pillage and all that fucking shit. Before one song he goes, ‘(adopts booming dark lord voice) I WANNA DEDICATE THIS SONG TO THE TWO BIGGEST FUCK-UPS IN ENGLAND!’ Me and our kid are looking at him, and looking at each other going, ‘He means you, ‘cos Lord knows he don’t mean me.’ Then he’s going, ‘OASIS ARE IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT!’, and he starts doing ‘Cocaine Supernova’ and screaming, ‘THESE TWO GUYS FROM ENGLAND, THEY’RE BIGGER FUCK-UPS THAN I AM!’ Anyway, so we go back after the gig and we just got fucking absolutely… beyond pissed on absinthe. That’s when Kenickie from ‘Grease’ fucking pulled a knife on us.


“He comes into the dressing room, and Liam‘s been watching ‘Celebrity Rehab’ so he’s going, ‘Ah, there’s fucking Kenickie!’ So we get him over and we’re all pissed, so we’re like, ‘Why are you on a fucking walking stick, you lightweight!?’ He’s going, ‘My back’s fucked. Fucking John Travolta in ‘Grease’ – he’s so fucking short, they made me stoop over and that’s when I invented the famous Kenickie walk!’

“We were going, ‘What?! The famous Kenickie walk?’ He started doing this walk so we’re giving him a bit of stick. And he says, ‘Hey, I’m fucking still young enough to pull a knife on you!’ and he whips out this flick-knife. We just laughed, like, ‘You silly old man!’ That was a great night – we all got more drunk on absinthe and argued in the van all the way home about some Kinks fucking B-side.”

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