Oasis cancel New York gig tonight (Sept 12)

Band forced to drop Terminal 5 gig due to Noel Gallagher's injuries

Oasis have cancelled their show in New York tonight (September 12).

The band were due to play the city’s Terminal 5 venue, but have pulled out after the onstage attack on Noel Gallagher at V Festival in Toronto on Sunday (September 7).

According to the band’s Oasisinet.com: “As a result of the incident on Oasis‘ Canadian tour, when Noel was attacked by a stage invader, Oasis are now being forced to announce that the show at Terminal 5, New York cannot go ahead as planned. Noel fell heavily on to his monitor speakers when he was pushed suddenly from behind by his attacker and suffered bruising to his ribs and hip. Unfortunately, he still has not recovered from his injuries and so he will not be able to perform tomorrow.”

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher had previously declared his injuries had left him feeling like he had been ‘sparring’ with boxer Ricky Hatton.