Noel Gallagher says he ‘could never forgive’ brother Liam over Oasis bust-ups

The guitarist talks about the pair's infamous 'Wibbling Rivalry' recording in a new interview

Noel Gallagher has discussed a series of arguments he had with brother Liam Gallagher during their time in Oasis.

Recent tabloid reports suggested that the band would reform without Noel. However, a representative of Liam told NME that Gallagher had “no comment” on the rumours.

Oasis originally split in 2009 with Noel citing an inability to work with his brother at the time as the key reason. Now, speaking in the second part of a video interview with Noisey, Noel Gallagher opened up about the pair’s infamous disagreements.

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Reminded of ‘Wibbling Rivalry’, a spoken-word single released in 1995 that included a recording made by then-NME writer John Harris of the brothers arguing during an interview in 1994, Gallagher said, “The ‘brawling’ might have been blown out of all proportion by the song and The Mirror… If I think back to it now, my argument [in the recording] is ‘Be a cunt all you want but let’s do the gig first and then be a fucking dick’. His argument is ‘I’m just being a dick all the time’. Repeat endlessly until fucking 2009.”

Gallagher continued to detail the frequency of his bust-ups with his younger brother. He recalled: “I remember countless gigs where three songs in he’d just pop his fucking headphones out and just get off. You’d be doing a guitar solo and you’d get to the end of the song and think ‘It’s not that mad for him just to disappear during the guitar solo and not sing the rest of the song – he’s obviously gone back to fix his sunglasses or something’. Then you’d just go ‘Where’s Liam gone?’ And he’s got off. What do you mean he’s got off? ‘He’s got a sore throat’. What a cunt. Then you’ve got to go out and say in English to a perplexed Japanese people… and they’re all like ‘What the fuck is going on here? Where’s the singer gone?'”

“I could never forgive him for that. Ever,” Gallagher added. Watch the video interview in full below.

Last month (April 19), however, tabloid reports emerged suggesting that an Oasis reunion was on the cards, with a ‘well-placed source’ saying the brothers had come to “a gentlemen’s agreement” to reunite.

Noel Gallagher subsequently denied that he would be interested in a Oasis reunion, claiming that the rumour came from a “source close to Liam”.