Oasis to ‘antagonise’ BRIT Awards

Noel Gallagher is planning 'nothing special' for the bash

Oasis have declared they will not do anything special when they pick up their Outstanding Contribution To Music award at this year’s BRITS.

The band’s career will be recognised at the February 14 ceremony, but guitarist Noel Gallagher has said the group will keep things simple.

“We won’t do anything special because that’s not the way we are,” he explained before dismissing the organisers efforts. “I guess some clown will have dressed up the stage with a fancy backdrop and we’ll get the hump.”

The band’s leader added that the group had wanted to play a full set but will be reduced to just playing a couple of numbers in their 15 minute slot.

“We might do three or possibly just two songs,” he told The Sun. “I don’t mind because our songs are quite long. If we were the Arctic Monkeys we’d be able to do about six.”

Gallagher added that he was looking forward to the bash though so he could cause a bit of havoc, declaring: ”I love the big awards ceremonies because there’s always someone there you can antagonise.”