Noel Gallagher already thinking about ‘next record’

Oasis have plenty of material for new album

Noel Gallagher has revealed that Oasis are already thinking about their next album.

Despite reports that the band had no plans following the release of their best of ‘Stop The Clocks’ on November 20, the guitarist has told NME.COM that he is not only thinking about the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’, it’s their priority.

“We’ve got so much left over from the last album, at least another two or three albums worth of material,” Gallagher explained. “Our next new record is more important than this one, but this (the best of) had to happen now.”


The release of ‘Stop The Clocks’ ends Oasis‘ deal with Sony BMG, and Gallagher confirmed the band would not be resigning.

Because of this, he explained, the compilation was the label’s idea, not the band’s, though he is not against its release.

“In a way it’s liberating,” he explained. “We’ve done it and it’s out there, it’s finished now and it stops people asking about it, because we were getting asked about it constantly!”

For the full interview with the Oasis leader, see this week’s NME – dated September 30 – which is out now.

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