Oasis to release next album as free download?

Rumours suggest the band may follow in Radiohead's footsteps

Following the news that Radiohead are to release their new album ‘In Rainbows’ tomorrow (October 10) via download sold at a price dictated by each individual buyer, rumours that Oasis may follow the band’s lead have circulated.

According to industry sources, Oasis – who are not currently contracted to a record label and are releasing their digital-only single ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ through their own imprint, Big Brother – are considering offering future recorded work to fans in a similar way to Radiohead.

Jamiroquai, another band not currently contracted to a label, are also included in the rumours, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Industry insiders have suggested that Radiohead’s shock announcement may change the way music is sold in the future.

Just before the band’s announcement The Charalatans also said that they would offer their forthcoming new album free to fans, via the website of radio station Xfm.