Noel Gallagher blasts brother Liam

The Oasis star says he's sick of doing interviews

Noel Gallagher has lashed out at his brother Liam yet again for making him responsible for all of Oasis‘ promotional duties.

And the guitarist and songwriter admitted that he would have quit the band by now if it wasn’t for the money.

He told MTV: “Because I’m so eloquent and Liam is the opposite of it – whatever that is – I always get nominated to do all the press interviews.

“I’m working from 11 in the morning ’til four in the morning and it’s a pain in the arse for me. He gets to walk around in stupid clothes, swearing and getting pissed.

“I’ll be frank, if we didn’t get paid as much as we do I probably wouldn’t fucking bother. I love performing and getting up on stage for an hour-and-a-half, but being on tour with our kid is not a walk in the park.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, Noel recently teamed up with Kasabian at NME.COM‘s 10th anniversary birthday party.

You can see footage of that gig by going to NME.COM/BIRTHDAY now.

Oasis are due to release their greatest hits compilation ‘Stop The Clocks’ on November 20.