Liam Gallagher tells Arctic Monkeys to enjoy themselves

Oasis singer offers Alex Turner and co some career advice

Liam Gallagher has offered Arctic Monkeys some free advice for dealing with being the most talked-about band in Britain.

The Oasis singer recalled his own band’s meteoric rise in the mid-1990s, and offered the Sheffield group a few pointers.

“Everything just felt right. Everything that we’d worked for,” he said in Mojo of Oasis’ rapid climb. “Nothing felt weird – it felt deserved, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable with any of it. I fucking loved it. And I think you were able to tell I fucking loved it.”

He then went on to advise the current generation… “I look at bands now, Arctic Monkeys, and they’re uncomfortable, and I think, “Where’s your head at, man?'” he asked. “I love ’em, but it’s just like, ‘en-fucking-joy it.’ They’re embarrassed by fame? Yeah, it’s embarrassing being fam… well, it’s not embarrassing being in a rock’n’roll band.”

He added: “If you’re embarrassed about your dream then God fucking help you. I’d be more embarrassed to call myself a poet. Fucking right!”