Oasis star: ‘I sound like Tweetie Pie’

Liam Gallagher confesses early vocals make him cringe

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has confessed that most of the band’s early material makes him cringe.

Gallagher has even likened his voice on records such as ‘Definitely Maybe’ to Tweetie Pie.

With time to reflect, the Oasis star even failed to rate his vocals on tracks like ’Live Forever’.

“I hate my voice on all of them records”, he said in The Sun. “I sound like fucking Tweetie Bird. I mean, they were good at the time – it’s the best I could do, but I prefer it the way it is now.”

Reminiscing about the early days, he added: “When I hear Slide Away, I think, ‘That’s a vocal.’ Supersonic – that’s all right. But certain songs… Live Forever – some of the high bits, I just think [head in hands], ‘Aw, fuck that.'”