Noel Gallagher attacks Blair and Cameron

The Oasis leader says there's 'nothing left to vote for'

Oasis leader Noel Gallagher has slammed the state of UK politics, singling out Prime Minister Tony Blair and Leader OF The Opposition David Cameron for attack.

The guitarist, who famously chatted with Blair at his official residence of 10 Downing Street when Labour came to power in 1997, has admitted becoming disillusioned with politicians over the last 10 years.

He said: “David Cameron is no different from Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown is no different from David Cameron. They’re all cut from the cloth and it annoys me that the biggest political icon from the last 30 years has been Margaret Thatcher, someone who tried to destroy the working class… it freaks me out you know.

“So I don’t really think there’s anything left to vote for. That’s why people don’t vote… that’s why people would rather vote for celebrity talent shows than vote for politics.”

Gallagher also criticised Cameron for refusing to come clean over recent drug allegations during his schooldays at Eton.

He told Newsnight: “To say no comment is typical of him and his party copping out. They wait to see what Tony Blair says…and then they move in behind and switch it and change a little bit. It’s like a song writer who’s eternally ripping off someone else’s song and just changing the odd line a little.”

Since Labour‘s landslide victory in 1997, Gallagher said Blair will always be “saddled with the Iraq war”.

He added: “It was a big deal, the landslide and all that, and everybody got carried away. We thought it was going to be John F Kennedy and for a year or two it was. Unfortunately for this Labour government, they are going to be saddled with the Iraq war and nobody can get around that.”