Noel Gallagher reveals the story behind ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’

Oasis leader tells NME.COM about new single's origins

Noel Gallagher has told NME.COM the history behind the band’s forthcoming single ’Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’.

As reported yesterday (September 24), Oasis are set to release their first ever digital-only single. The track will be released on October 21.

Speaking to NME.COM, Oasis leader Noel Gallagher declared that the track is not simply a throwaway song he had hanging around, but one that he was considering for an album before it got linked to the band’s tour documentary of the same name.

“That got left off the last album because it was the same verse all the way until the end,” he explained, “but it’s kind of locked into that (the documentary) now because it appears at the end of the film.”

Gallagher added that he was particularly pleased with the direction the song was taking the band.

“It’s quite rocking,” he declared. “It’s just 12 bar blues really, but it’s good.”

Meanwhile the film ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ is released on DVD on October 29.