Noel Gallagher: ‘Somewhat predictably our new single is brilliant’

Oasis leader speaks about 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down'

Noel Gallagher has spoken following news that Oasis will be releasing a brand new single in October.

NME.COM has full details of ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’s release online now.

Appearing this morning (September 24) on Radio 1 with DJ Chris Moyles, the guitarist spoke about the new release, quipping that “it’s coming out on that internet”.


Sharing the band’s inspiration for the online release, he explained: “You know there’s a DVD coming out for Christmas… somewhat predictably. The title track was so brilliant that the powers that be said ‘lets just put it out’. And I’m like, ‘well we’re not ready to do that yet’. So, it was decided it would be a nice thing to put it out for those people who have computers.”

Joking about his lack of technological prowess, he stated: “I’m not one of those people, so it’s a good job I get my own copy of it, because I wouldn’t get it otherwise. I’ve got an iPod, but Gem sorts all that out for me. That’s filth, y’know?”

Meanwhile the Oasis leader also spoke about the birth of his second child, a son, at the weekend (September 22).

After Moyles congratulated him, Gallagher joked: “What? for being third in the league?” – referring to the impressive start to the season his football team Manchester City have made – before explaining he was there for the birth.

“I was there,” he explained. “It was alright for me, my missus was giving me a bit of stick afterwards, saying, ‘you never took your jacket off all the way through!’ I was just in my leather jacket, nodding ‘you’ll be alright, just get it out before Soccer AM finishes’. I think the worst thing is that you don’t have any specific role [as a father at the birth]. You just stand there and nod.”

He added that he had named the boy Donovan Rory Gallagher after “his granddad Rory”.


Gallagher added: “He’s called Donovan. Sounds like a man who means business already.”

For more exclusive information on Oasis‘ single release get this week’s issue of NME, on newsstands from September 26.