Oasis shelve EP plans

Noel says new material ain't good enough

Oasis have decided to pull the release of their forthcoming EP in the summer.

Speaking to Russell Brand on 6 Music, Noel Gallagher revealed that the band have shelved songs slated to appear on the mini-album because they weren’t up to scratch.

He also said that Oasis are taking a break for the rest of 2006 after recently completing their world tour.

Noel added: “We had a couple of tracks left over from the last record and in our own heads we thought they were good enough to be released as an EP.

“We went back and listened to the tapes and we reckon we can get it better, so we’re having the year off instead.”

As previously reported on NME.COM the lead track on the EP was expected to be the Liam-penned ‘The Boy With The Blues’.

But it’s now unlikely to appear on any future Oasis release until at least 2008, when the band are due to make their return.