Oasis and Beatles struggling in race for Number One

Westlife take a lead in the UK album chart

Oasis’s ‘Best Of’ collection ’Stop The Clocks’ is being beaten by Westlife’s ’The Love Album’ in the battle for the Number One position on the album chart.

The so called ‘Super Monday’ (November 20) included big albums released from The Beatles, Jay–Z, Foo Fighters and U2, but according to HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo the race is being won by Westlife.

“At the moment Westlife are 14,000 sales ahead of Oasis. It’s between those two at the moment,” he told NME.COM.

“People don’t rush out to buy ‘Best Of’s, which Oasis, The Beatles (whose ‘LOVE’ LP is actually a ‘mash up’ of their best-known songs) and U2 all have out at the moment. Westlife are benefiting from having a studio album out which people feel they have to get hold of on the week of release.”

Westlife are likely to be Number One on Sunday (November 26) in the album chart, which is quite a coup for them.”