Oasis filmmaker says the ‘Supersonic’ documentary almost ‘never happened’

New interviews with the Gallaghers also reveal further details about the band's infamous Amsterdam ferry brawl

The director of new Oasis documentary Supersonic has revealed that the film almost never got off the ground.

Mat Whitecross, said the turbulent relationship between Liam and Noel, became so chaotic at times, that it threatened to derail the project. He pointed to Liam’s jibes on Twitter as the source of the conflict.

“Just before we were about to make the film and it looked like it was good, he tweeted that he was backstage at a Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds gig and I was like ‘Fuck this is brilliant maybe we can get them both in together’,” Whitecross explained. “Then about three days later there was another one of him calling Noel a potato or whatever it is he calls him and so it fell apart again and at that point it didn’t look like the film was going to happen.”


Liam has been openly critical of Noel in recent times, calling his brother a “potato” on a regular basis. He also recently took to Twitter, to reveal that he had seen a trailer for Supersonic and Liam said he looked “might fine” in it but Noel didn’t.

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Whitecross added: “The only reason he does it is because he wants a reaction out of Noel. Noel’s thing is like look I guarantee you we’ll sit here and talk about us getting back together for decades and the day I go ‘Do you know what? Fuck it alright let’s get back together,’ Liam will go ‘No I’m alright’. He won’t wanna do it.”

During a recent preview of the documentary, which is released nationwide on October 2, three clips were revealed including one of the band talking about their infamous brawl on a ferry to Amsterdam which resulted in their arrest and deportation back to the UK on what would have been their first gig overseas in 1994.

“The drink of choice for a few hours was Champagne and Jack Daniels (during the trip),” revealed producer Mark Coyle.


“The next thing sporadic fighting is breaking out all round us and Liam got very excited by the prospect of a lot of chaos going on and he goes and joins in. You can see him running through the windows along the deck. He’s having a great time. It looks like he’s in a school playground chasing leaves. The next time I see Liam he’s still running up. He’s got policemen running after him.”

“As the fight broke out all I remember was it was a bit Benny Hill,” laughed Liam. “It was fucking mayhem man, I loved it. It was punk rock man.”

Noel added: “I called (Alan) McGee and I’ll never forget this and this is another reason why I love McGee, I said: ‘Are you sitting down? I’ve got some news, everybody has been arrested’. The only word he said was (adopts Scottish accent) ‘brilliant’.”

The bust up became the source of Liam and Noel’s infamous ‘Wibbling Rivarly’ bootleg single, which currently holds the highest UK charting record for an interview, reaching number 52 on 25 November 1995.