And now Noel's in charge of the "really fuckin' good" follow-up to 'Heathen Chemistry'...

OASIS have stopped working with Death In Vegas as producers for their new album.

But Noel Gallagher has revealed the “really fuckin’ good” follow-up to ‘Heathen Chemistry’ is now well on the way to being finished.

Since the start of this year the Gallaghers have been in and out of the studio recording their sixth record with Tim Holmes and Richard Fearless behind the mixing desk.


Most recently Oasis visited the remote Sawmills Studio in Cornwall, where the band recorded their legendary debut ‘Definitely Maybe’ back in 1994. However, a source close to the band has said the sessions didn’t work out as well as hoped and the decision has been taken for Oasis to go back to their own studio and carry on alone.

A statement issued to NME.COM reads: “Oasis have finished the sessions with [a][/a] and have returned to their own studio to continue work on their sixth studio album.”

Speaking last week, Noel Gallagher said that despite the change of producers and the fact they’re without a drummer after sacking Alan White before recording began, the follow-up to ‘Heathen Chemistry’ already has a tracklisting and is well on the way to being finished. No release date has been set for the band’s new album, although Noel said he wants it out before the end of the year.

He revealed: “We’ve done a bunch of really fucking good demos and we put together a running order of what we thought the album was gonna be and we whittled it down to ten tracks. But we’ve had that for a few months now.”

Gallagher said each remaining member of Oasis is writing for the album, and his brother Liam has written a “mega” song called ‘Love Is Like A Bomb’.

He told Channel 4’s Ear Candy: “We all demo separately and then I always get the last say on what’s going to be recorded, much to Liam’s frustration. I’m quite fair about it all. It so happens that this time everybody’s writing an equal amount of songs.


Working titles are said to include ‘Stop The Clocks’, ‘They Ain’t Got Nothing On Me, They Ain’t `Got Nothing On You’, ‘Longer’, ‘Singin’ Your Life’, ‘You Wanna Feel My Shame’, ‘Say It’, ‘Revolution Man’ and ‘The Good Rebel’.

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