The warring factions responsible for our 'You Cock!' sticker frenzy kiss and make up...

UK rock’s best recent feud has come to an end as OASIS and STARSAILOR have kissed and made up.

The bands fell out spectacularly two years ago at the T In The Park festival when Starsailor frontman James Walsh approached Noel Gallagher to ask why he had called him a cock in interview. Gallagher replied that he didn’t remember he had, but that if he did then Walsh probably was. Liam Gallagher became embroiled when he weighed

into the argument and squared up to Walsh. The bands then fired several barbs at each other over the following months.


However, at Glastonbury last weekend (June 26), Liam approached James and made his peace.

“After Starsailor’s set, the band went back to their dressing room and Liam was there,” a source close to the band told NME.COM. “He

held out his hand and told James life was too short

for the fighting. And that was basically it. He hung about for a while afterwards having a drink and chewing the fat. So the feud is at an end.”

At the height of the fall-out, NME minted special ‘You Cock!’ badges and circulated them during the 2002 summer festivals.

Starsailor are currently writing material for their third album. They expect to start recording before the end of the year.