Looks like the Glasto headliners' follow-up to 'Heathen Chemistry' will be a while yet...

OASIS have gone “back to the drawing board” with the follow-up to ’HEATHEN CHEMISTRY’.

The band, who headlined Glastonbury over the weekend (June 25), have been working on their sixth album for much of the year.

They originally recruited producers Death In Vegas before ending the sessions, and have also been recording without drummer Alan White, who has left the band.

Noel Gallagher told the BBC that “the moment has passed” for some of the songs that have been recorded so far, and Oasis will work on more new material before the album is released.

He said: “We’ve got to decide what kind of record we’re going to do now, because the record that we tried to make with Death In Vegas, that kind of didn’t happen and the moment has passed for that batch of songs. So it’s back to the drawing board really. Hopefully, it will be out by the end of the year but I wouldn’t have thought so.”

Two new songs, titled ’A Bell Will Ring’, and ’The Meaning Of Soul’, were played at Glastonbury. A third unreleased song has also been played live in the past, titled ’Stop The Clocks’.

A band source has told NME.COM that the band are happy with a number of songs already recorded for the album, but that all four members of the band are working on material.