Noel Gallagher blasts British bands down under

Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party all come in for a lashing

Noel Gallagher has taken his tirade against the current crop of British indie bands Down Under, branding them “indie shit”.

Speaking on Australian radio station Triple J the Oasis guitarist blasted the likes of Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs.

“Let’s call it what it is – it’s indie shit, is what it is,” he said. “None of them are trying to make it big. They’re all trying to make it small or medium – that’s it.

“Don’t get me wrong – I kinda like Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs [but] Bloc Party are just appalling. None of them strike me as trying to be in the biggest band in the world or the best band in the world – it’s just indie rubbish.”

Gallagher also spoke about Oasis’s recent tour with Aussie rockers Jet.

He added: “It was really, really great. We had some monumental gigs and some even more monumental nights in dressing room and nights out on the town – it was really, really good fun.

“The bass player went home with his tail in between his legs, because he was threatening to drink every member of my band under the table – and I quote him on saying that – and he would promptly pass out around midnight.”

Oasis are about to begin a four date tour of Japan before they play six dates in Australia.

They return to the UK in December for a run of sold-out dates including a mammoth show at Cardiff‘s Millennium Stadium.