A few weeks ago he was telling us they wouldn't, but now the band have changed their mind...

NOEL GALLAGHER has revealed OASIS will play new material during their headlining at GLASTONBURY

Gallagher explained that the band are planning on playing two new songs from their currently unfinished album during their Friday (June 25) night slot, but the decision to include them did not come out of choice.

“We weren’t going to do any (new songs) but we timed the set and we came up short!” he explained to Chris Moyles on Radio 1. “We were doing all the ones that we wanted to do and then the tour manager said ‘That’s about an hour’, so I said ‘How long do we have to play? And he said ‘An hour-and-a-half’. We’ll be doing two new songs I think.”

Oasis will play a sold-out warm-up show two days before their Glastonbury appearance at Poole Lighthouse, Dorset on June 23.