Noel Gallagher wants to get the legend to play on a new song which "sounds like The Beatles"...

OASIS may enlist the help of BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR on their new album.

Noel Gallagher has explained that the band will travel to LA to finish work on the album, and will take advantage of the fact that interim drummer Zak Starkey’s famous dad lives in the same city.

“Zak will drum on the bulk of it,” Noel explained to Xfm, “And we’re gonna try – while we’re out there – to get his dad down the studio cos he lives in LA. So we’re gonna try and get him on cos we’ve got this one song which is quite… well, fucking funnily enough, it sounds like The Beatles, and we’re gonna try and get him and his dad on the same track. Then again Ringo might just tell us to f**k off.”


Noel also said that the band will be touring as soon as the album is finished, the band’s first full tour since July 2002.

“To be honest,” Noel continued, “We spent that much money f**king pissing about on the new album we’ll be touring it for the next four years. So by the time this next album cycle comes around everyone will be sick to f**king death of Oasis. We’ll have to play London 15 times I’d have thought, but we’ll have to start doing gigs sharpish.”

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