Noel and Liam contribute bass and vocals on the song ’Shoot Down’…

LIAM GALLAGHER’s long-rumoured guest appearance on the next Prodigy album has been confirmed – and his brother NOEL appears on the same song.

The Oasis singer has long been touted as a guest on the long-awaited ’Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’, which is released on August 16.

However, the tracklisting has now been finalised, and Liam Gallagher’s contribution has definitely made the final cut. Also, his brother Noel plays bass on the song, which is called ’Shoot Down’.

Other collaborators include Princess Superstar, Kool Keith, Twista and Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis, who recently told NME.COM how the collaboration came together.

She said: “I went to England. I didn’t want to do the taping, that was too frustrating. I wanted to know what Liam (Howlett) had in mind. I wanted to get closer to him and collaborate in a real way. We had an amazingly creative process.

“I think what [Liam] is doing is really amazing because he’s not trying to repeat old successes with the [a][/a]. He’s actually taking it up a notch.”