There’s no love lost between the biggest bands…

The latest targets in LIAM GALLAGHER’s war against the world are U2, who he has branded “wankers”.

The Oasis frontman has been making a splash on the comeback trail, dissing the new generation of rock bands like Kaiser Chiefs, [/a] and [a].

But now, Gallagher’s wrath has extended to the old guard, with him lashing out via the Sydney Evening Telegraph after hearing that the U2study video footage of themselves after gigs.

He raged: “Wankers. Haven’t they got fuck-all better to do? I’d rather be out there getting pissed. I certainly wouldn’t go back after a gig and analyse it. No wonder they’re the biggest band in the world: ‘Oh Edge, the fourth guitar solo wasn’t right tonight’. ‘Oh sorry, Bono’. If that’s what people think rock’n’roll is…”

Gallagher’s comment follow U2’s admission to NME.COM earlier this year that one of the reasons they turned down the chance to headline this year’s Glastonbury was because they were uncomfortable about being filmed for television without having control of the edit.

Meanwhile, U2’s televisual assisted Vertigo tour arrives in the UK next week, kicking off at City Of Manchester Stadium on June 14.