Oasis plan brand new single for 2006

The band hope to release a new tune in the new year

Oasis hope to release a new non-album single early next year.

The band are expected to release ‘Let There Be Love’ as their next single, but have said its follow-up might be a standalone effort.

“We haven’t done it since ‘Whatever’,” Noel Gallagher told Xfm. “It depends if we get the time to go into the studio because we’re pretty flat out until next March. We’ll see what happens after that.”

The song in question was written by Liam Gallagher but was omitted from recent album ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’.

“It’s called ‘The Boy With The Blues’… I think we’re gonna put out just as a single, that’s not gonna be on the next album,” explained the guitarist. “That might be out for early next year, but I’m not sure yet.”

Noel added they had plenty of other new material in hand, though he wasn’t sure if it was destined for the band’s next album.

“We’ve got about 11 pretty good songs for the next record that were left over from this one, but if we go into the studio I don’t know if we’re gonna go in there and say ‘Right we’re making an album’,” he mused. “We’re just going record the ones for this one that we didn’t record in our own studio and see how it goes.”