Plus the Oasis singer has new target, himself…

LIAM GALLAGHER has said he’ll record a song with Bloc Party.

Despite comparing the London’s band’s line-up to a panel of students on ‘University Challenge’, the Oasis frontman said he’d be happy to record alongside Kele Okereke and co if they write meet his standards.

“I’d love to do a tune with Bloc Party,” Liam told Virgin Radio. “If they’ve got a song that’s good enough then I’m having it.”

Liam added that Bloc Party and the other bands he attacked, were justified to hit back at him recently.

“I am a music lover and they (the bands he’s attacked) have every right to slag my band off,” he explained. “I just put bands in their places. There are a load of bands I like and there is a load of bands I fucking detest because they are shit.”

The Oasis frontman, whose new album ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ is released tomorrow (May 30), also explained that he’s not really concerned about writing songs for his band.

“If I didn’t write another song again it wouldn’t bother me,” he said. “I get my kicks from singing more than sitting there doodling about with fucking lyrics.”

Liam added that he doesn’t believe he’s improving as a writer and often needs guitarist Gem’s assistance.

“Gem helps me out a lot, I struggle with lyrics sometimes,” Liam explained. “I can’t find the words. The words I find hard ‘cos I’m fucking thick.”