Noel Gallagher gives the latest on the band’s new album...

OASIS say their new album will be out next year – and the only problem now is that they’ve got too many songs.

The Gallaghers have been working on songs for their sixth studio album for much of the year and famously scrapped their work following the Glastonbury festival. Early sessions with Death In Vegas in the producers’ seat were also aborted.

However, the band are now back in the studio with producer Dave Sardy, where they started recording from scratch.

Noel said: “We’re working with Dave Sardy who done Kinks’ album. We sent him a few tracks of this cobbled together stuff to mix and he sent them back and it didn’t sound right so we said ‘Why don’t you come over and we’ll start again?’, so we’ve completely started from scratch bar one song that has been finished for the last, I don’t know, ten years.”

Two new songs played at Glastonbury, titled ‘A Bell Will Ring’, and ’The Meaning Of Soul’, are slated to appear on the album. Speaking recently to NME, Noel said a new song ‘The Importance Of Being Idle’, is one of his current favourites.

He told NME: “One of the songs on there ‘The Importance Of Being Idle’ is one of the best tunes I have ever written. It is The La’s meets [a][/a]. It is blinding. We’ve written 66 songs, the majority of which I can’t believe our kid’s done. I’ve only written 14 of them. He’s done most of the rest of them.”

Oasis’ new single is likely to be released in February, with the album to follow. An anniversary DVD of ‘Definitely Maybe’ is out now.