The Oasis guitarist reveals he wasn’t always as popular as he is now…

NOEL GALLAGHER has said that when he first moved to LONDON he didn’t know anyone – and fell into the CAMDEN Britpop scene almost by accident.

In an interview with Steve Lamacq to be broadcast on BBC 6 Music this weekend (September 12), Gallagher said that when [url=]Oasis first broke through he used to go out drinking with strangers.

He explained: “When I moved to London and although this sounds very very sad, the rest of the band they’d go back up to Manchester and I didn’t know anyone in London and I had a flat way out in Chiswick which was miles away.

”On a Friday night I just used to get in a cab and the guy said ‘Where are you going?’ and I’d go like ‘Camden High street’. I didn’t kind of know anyone but you’ll always bump into somebody down Camden and then the next thing it would be Monday afternoon.

”So I would constantly be surrounded by strangers. I’d get out (at) Camden station and think ‘Right well I’ll go to the Good Mixer’ and the minute you walked in the door somebody would be like that ‘Whey!’ and that would be it. So I was constantly surrounded by these rabbles of people I’d never met before.”

Oasis have just released a DVD of their debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ to coincide with its 10th anniversary.

The full interview goes out on 6 Music this Sunday (September 12) between 2-5pm.