The Gallagher brothers have a laugh at Manchester United's expense...

OASIS played the second of their comeback shows at the EDINBURGH USHER HALL last night (May 15), the only one of the current mainland UK club dates outside of LONDON.

As with the first show at the London Astoria last Tuesday, six of the set’s 18 songs were from the new album ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’, which is released next Monday (May 30).

Fan reaction to these was most enthusiastic for the album’s first single ‘Lyla’; ’The Meaning of Soul’ and ’Mucky Fingers’.

The Edinburgh setlist was the same as that of the earlier show, with the one exception being the replacement of rarely-played old favourite ’Headshrinker’ with the more recent, Noel-sung ‘Little By Little’.

The Gallagher brothers were on good form throughout, perhaps as a result of the unexpectedly hot weather outside. Liam – dressed in white cagoule and knee-length green shorts – also seemed most amused by the controversial takeover of Manchester United by Malcolm Glazer, dedicating ’Morning Glory’ to the American businessman and commenting before ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’: “This song’s for the dicks across the road from our team – this whole fucking gig’s dedicated to them”.

Oasis’ next show is at London Clapham Grand (May 22).

The setlist ran:

’Fuckin’ In The Bushes’ (Intro)

’ Turn Up The Sun’


’Bring It On Down’

’Morning Glory’

’Cigarettes and Alcohol’

’Stop Crying Your Heart Out’

’The Importance of Being Idle’

’A Bell Will Ring’

’Live Forever’

’Little By Little’

’The Meaning of Soul’

’Mucky Fingers’

’Champagne Supernova’

’Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’



’Don’t Look Back In Anger’

’My Generation’