The car Alan McGee bought for the Oasis guitarist is for sale online...

A ROLLS ROYCE car given to NOEL GALLAGHER by ALAN McGEE is being auctioned.

McGee famously gave Gallagher the car during the band’s mid’90s peak, eventhough Noel didn’t know how to drive.

Speaking at the time, McGee said: “Noel had always said he wanted a Rolls-Royce if he ever made it, and I suddenly thought why not get him one? He’s sold six million records in the last year – if that’s what the guy wants I’ll buy him a Rolls-Royce. I just loved it as a rock’n’roll gesture.”

Now, the 1978 vintage car is being auctioned on the internet website eBay.

The seller claims that the metallic brown car remains in good condition and in good working order, and that there’s a vehicle registration document signed by Gallagher himself.

Bidding started at £9,000 and ends on September 11.