‘Peep Show’ writer offers update on Beatles film he wrote for Liam Gallagher’s production company

Jesse Armstrong adapted Richard DeLello's book 'The Longest Cocktail Party'

Peep Show writer Jesse Armstrong has offered an update into a film he wrote about The Beatles for Liam Gallagher’s production company.

Gallagher’s interest in adapting Richard DeLello’s book The Longest Cocktail Party for the big screen with his production company, In 1 Production, dates back to 2011.

Armstrong was brought in to write the script but has revealed in a new interview with Shortlist that he does not know if the film will ever be released.

“Like a lot of films, it’s ‘in development’, said Armstrong. “Hopefully something will happen with it, because it’s a great story. The book is great source material, so I had a great time adapting it. I don’t know if, or when, it will make it to screen, but I hope it does. Liam Gallagher was involved, paid for the script and was a good collaborator.”

DiLello’s book documents the final years of The Beatles, from Apple Records being founded in 1968 to the recording sessions for the band’s final album, ‘Let It Be’

Three years ago director Michael Winterbottom said he was on board to helm the film and compared it to his previous work on 24 Hour Party People. “I think [Liam] will have a part in it,” he said at the time. “He’s all over it.”

However, Winterbottom did admit that there was an issue with obtaining the rights to The Beatles’ music for use in the film.