Prosecutors investigating the star's bar brawl in Munich say the star was under the influence at the time...

Prosecuters investigating LIAM GALLAGHER’s bar brawl in MUNICH have said that the OASIS star and a fellow band member have tested positive for drugs.

Police detained Gallagher, and four other involved in the fracas, including ex-drummer Alan White, on December 1 2002. The attack, which was described as “unprovoked” by the band’s spokesperson, left Liam with broken teeth.

“The test revealed substantial quantities of alcohol and drugs,” prosecutor Anton Winkler said yesterday (May 5). “It is possible he used cocaine.”

Winkler also said he did not expect the case to go to trial, and that it expected that Gallagher will be ordered to pay a fine.

The members detained for questioning are being investigated for suspicion of assault, resisting arrest and damage to property.

The band are currently completing their sixth studio album, which is expected for release later in the year.