Exclusive – Oasis plan new album

Noel Gallagher reveals all about the band's future plans to NME...

NOEL GALLAGHER has told NME [url=]OASIS won’t release any new material until 2007 – and he wouldn’t be surprised if the next album isn’t out until 2010.

Speaking exclusively to NME, the guitarist said that currently the only plan is for a B-sides compilation next year, as the group will take most of the year off following their world tour which isn’t set to finish until early next spring.

He said: “We’re touring till next March, and I’d have thought by February we’ll be sick of the sight of each other. We’ll probably have the rest of that year out, and Liam will write 500 songs, Gem (Archer) and Andy (Bell) will write a few and I’ll go back to the ones I haven’t finished off.

“We never make plans. We haven’t got a record deal now anyway. We’re out of a deal, which is a great position to be in. So we’re gonna have to find a new record deal that suits us, that’s where we’re at, and then…we don’t like to rush things. ‘Be Here Now’ was rushed, ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ was rushed, and it’s kind of like, ‘If it takes five years for the album to come out, I’m not arsed.’ As long as it comes out, it’ll be alright. ‘Definitely Maybe’ took fucking five years to make. And in that five years I wrote the first two albums, so you’ve got to figure that out for yourself.”

Noel revealed that he still has 25 songs left from the sessions for ‘Don’t BelieveThe Truth’, and suggested that that will mean he won’t have to “any more work for the next few years”. These songs include the much talked-up ’Stop The Clocks’, of which Noel has now tired, revealing, “There are so many versions of that song now we could put it out as an EP on its own!”

However, the guitarist insisted that rumours that [url=]Oasis are about to release a Greatest Hits compilation are untrue.

“This is from the horse’s mouth – we will only do a best of when we split up. The only thing we’ve got that might be in the pipeline next year will be another B-sides album, all the B-sides from ‘Standing..’ to this lot,” explained Noel, before taking a pop at his traditional rivals. “I never understood the [a][/a] and [url=]Blur putting out Best Ofs – I mean, what the fuck’s all that about? It’s kind of saying that whatever you’re gonna do from there on is not gonna be your best. We’ll put out a best of when we stop. No best of or singles album until it’s done and dusted.”