The Oasis guitarist admits to some uncharacteristic vanity…

NOEL GALLAGHER has admitted he tells OASIS’s video directors to make him look ten years younger.

Though not normally known for his vanity, the guitarist admitted to MTV News that when deciding on video he has just a single concern.

“There’s only ever been one criterion, and that’s to make us look ten years younger. You get that right and I’m fine,” Noel explained, adding that as a rule is not a big fan of shooting films for his songs.

“I fucking loathe videos,” he explained. “This is not the reason why I started a band, to stand on a video stage all day and mime a song 500 times, knowing that when you get to the end of the 499th, you’re thinking, ‘I don’t even fucking like this song anymore, it’s stupid.’ But it’s a necessary evil for me.”

Noel also added that while he’s looking forward to the band’s impending tour, he expects his relationship with his brother Liam to follow its usual, fractious course.

“It’s always the same,” he explained. “It starts off great and then somewhere, usually in America – I don’t know why, probably the sight of cactus plants or something like that – it freaks Liam out. Then he oversteps the mark a little bit and it degenerates from there. It starts out great, then it just ends up being a bit of a shame, really. We’ll see what happens this year.”