Unfinished Oasis-era song ‘Lock All The Doors’ to appear on new Noel Gallagher album

New album 'Chasing Yesterday' also features Johnny Marr on a track titled 'Ballad Of The Mighty I'

Noel Gallagher has confirmed that a song he first began writing while he was still a member of Oasis appears on his new solo album.

‘Chasing Yesterday’ will be released on March 2, 2015 under the name of Noel Gallagher & The High Flying Birds. Details of the album and a 2015 UK arena tour were announced earlier today (October 13) during a Facebook Q+A.

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Speaking about the song he took decades to complete, Noel said: “There’s a song on this record that’s taken me 23 years to finish, it’s called ‘Lock All The Doors’. I gave a bit of it away to the Chemical Brothers in the ’90s when we did ‘Setting Sun’ and I always meant to finish it off. I kept the chorus but I could never find a way of getting the verse to tie in with this chorus. One afternoon I was coming out the Tesco Metro where I live in Maida Vale, and I don’t know what it was but it just hit me, coming round the corner, just by Boots, it came to me in a flash of inspiration. This song was never released by Oasis, but the chorus is so fucking brilliant I never gave up on it.”

Gallagher also revealed that an album track, ‘The Dying Of The Light’, will be familiar to fans from an online bootleg video – scroll down to watch. “It’s a song that one of this lot [points at Q&A audience] bootlegged. I did it at soundcheck on the last tour and somebody taped it and put it on the internet. I thought, I’ll leave it there. It’s been played quite a few times, but as with these things they always get the title wrong. They call it ‘It Makes Me Want To Cry’ which is a shit title. Unless it’s a song about an onion. It’s called ‘The Dying Of The Light’, which is a brilliant title for a song. How do I feel when people put stuff online? If it’s shit, I’d have it removed. But as luck would have it, this particular version of it was brilliant, so I left it there for people to enjoy. It was only an acoustic thing; the finished version is far more grandiose.”

Elsewhere in the Q+A, Noel revealed that Johnny Marr performs on the album’s closing track ‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’, which will be the second single from the album. “He’s a very enthusiastic artist and I tried to get him to play on ‘What A Life’, he said. “He’s a truly great guitarist and he has something that nobody else has. He’s amazing, a top man.”

The lead single from ‘Chasing Yesterday’ will be ‘In The Heat Of The Moment’. Speaking about the song, Noel said: “The first single was the last track to be recorded. It’s called ‘In The Heat Of The Moment’. Is it great? Of course it is. What does it mean? It doesn’t mean anything.”


‘Chasing Yesterday’ tracklist

‘In The Heat Of The Moment’
‘The Girl With X-Ray Eyes’
‘Lock All The Doors’
‘The Dying Of The Light’
‘The Right Stuff’
‘While The Song Remains The Same’
‘The Mexican’
‘You Know We Can’t Go Back’
‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’

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