Tracks from 'Don't Believe The Truth' have surfaced on the Internet…

Tracks from OASIS’ new album ‘DON’T BELIEVE THE TRUTH’ have leaked ahead of the record’s May 30 release date.

Four songs from the record, ‘The Meaning Of Soul’, ‘Let There Be Love’, ‘Keep The Dream Alive’ and ‘Mucky Fingers’, surfaced on the Internet yesterday (April 18) and downloads have been quickly spread via fan messageboards.

Additionally pirate copies of the full album appeared for sale on eBay yesterday. CD-Rs were being sold for £9.99 each.

However according to The Sun, the band’s record company Sony are tracing the seller and are confident that they can prevent copies from being distributed.

These leaks follow that of single ‘Lyla’, out May 16, which appeared online in March after a European radio station played the song early.