Noel Gallagher helps out his pals...

Razorlight’s JOHNNY BORRELL has been seeking advice for his bands second album from NOEL GALLAGHER.

Noel attended Razorlight’s second Alexandra Palace show on March 24, and gave him a few wise words.

“Noel came down on the second night, he watched from the side of the stage and was very complimentary,” said Borrell. “We were talking about second albums and it kind of reinforced what I thought. “

With Razorlight now touring the US with Muse, Borrell admitted he’s keen to start recording when they return in May.

“At the moment I can’t tell whether I’ve got the album written or not,” he said. “I’ve been writing since the last record came out so it may all be there. I’m going get out play some gigs, come back and have a look.”