Noel Gallagher puts boot into Blunt

And Welsh people get a kicking too

Noel Gallagher has put the boot into James Blunt over how much money the songwriter has earned.

The Oasis guitarist has also given Welsh people a verbal kicking along with, as ever, his brother Liam.

“Did you see the rich list? I wasn’t in it for third year running,” Gallagher said. “James Blunt has supposedly got nine million quid. Right. He’s only been going a year! I’ve been going 12.”

He joked: “I’ve spent a lot on sweets but I should have more than nine million quid in the bank.”

Speaking about Welsh people, the guitarist continued: “The ones you meet in London are all right but the real ones are a nightmare. For starters you can’t understand a word they say.”

In an interview with Russell Brand, to be televised on MTV this Sunday (April 7) at 8pm, Noel also takes a swipe at Liam, saying: “For a guy who is probably one of the funniest people you will ever meet, he actually has no sense of humour. He’s never told a funny joke in his life.”

He added: “When you take the piss he has this weird look on his face, like a dog having a…you get the picture.”