Gallagher speaks out after Babyshambles no-show...

LIAM GALLAGHER has revealed that PETE DOHERTY has blown his chances of supporting OASIS after failing to turn up to one of their gigs.

Doherty failed to show up to a recent gig at Southampton where he was due to support them with Babyshambles.

Doherty claimed he was unable to return from France in time after attending fashion designer Hedi Slimane’s birthday. Oasis subsequently replaced Babyshambles’ for their planned second support slot at Milton Keynes with [a][/a].

Speaking to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Liam said: “That’s where the relationship ended. What we’re not going to do is give him a second chance.

“It’s not a question of professionalism. It’s much more simple than that. This is the greatest group in the world and what we’re not going to do is let anyone, Pete Doherty, Liam Gallagher or Elvis, fuck it all up.”