In a world exclusive interview, Noel Gallagher gives NME.COM the inside story on the making of 'Don't Believe The Truth'…

NOEL GALLAGHER has given an exclusive interview to NME.COM where he claimed new LP ’DON’T BELIEVE THE TRUTH’ is their best effort since their classic debut ’DEFINITELY MAYBE’.

Although they scrapped it three times and it took three years Noel told NME.COM that Oasis are back on form and he’s prouder of their sixth studio album than any other Oasis record in the last ten years.

He told NME.COM: “I’m more proud of this one then of any album since ‘Definitely Maybe’. We stuck it out, we stuck to our guns and we pulled it off.”


With single ‘Lyla’ being released on May 16, the album following two weeks later on May 30 and a massive tour including appearances at V Festival (August 20-21) to come, Noel admitted it felt strange to return to full action with Oasis after ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’’s isolated recording process.

“It’s like pulling a huge, big elastic band back,” he suggested. “It went all the way back for three years and now we’re ready to let go. We’re getting back into the swing of things, it’s been ‘What? We’ve got to do a video on Friday? Whoa, whoa!”

‘Don’t Believe The Truth’’s elongated recording process has contrasted sharply to the regularity between the band’s previous albums, leading some to suggest Oasis were in crisis. However, Noel insisted he never panicked.

“We were more into getting this record absolutely spot on for no other reason then the songs demanded it,” he explained. “There was never one point where any of us where worried – apart from Liam who’s like a woman who’s on a fucking permanent menstrual cycle all the time about everything. He’s either way up in the clouds or way down in the gutter. So taking him out of the equation, the rest of us knew it was going somewhere and we kind of had it all in our heads we just couldn’t put our finger on why the versions before the album I’ve got in front of me now weren’t sounding right,.”

As with the ‘Heathen Chemistry’, Noel was joined on songwriting duties by his bandmates, and he believes the results back the new approach.

“People are telling me it’s really varied, I just think the album is a good collection of songs,” he explained. “Liam’s are great, Andy’s are brilliant and Gem’s – seriously – are the closest anyone’s going to get to ‘Revolver’.


He added: “Someone said to me my songs sound like B-sides from 1994. I take that as a compliment because the B-sides I wrote then should have been on ‘Be Here Now’. That would be an insult to some people but not to me.”

With the album now finished, Oasis are turning their attention to touring. The band will play nine massive UK shows for June and July – including a three night stand at The City Of Manchester Stadium (June 30, July 2-3), home of Noel’s beloved Manchester City – as well as playing Madison Square Garden (June 22) and The Hollywood Bowl (September 12) in America.

For the full interview with Noel, see this week’s issue of NME, which is out nationwide now.


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