Liam Gallagher is forced to pay a hefty sum after admitting his involvement in the scrap...

OASIS singer LIAM GALLAGHER has been fined £35,000 for a brawl which broke out in Germany two years ago.

Gallagher received the penalty at a German court hearing over the weekend after he admitted his involvement in the fight at a nightclub in the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich, according to XFM.

The singer was arrested with drummer Alan White and three other band members of the band’s entourage after the brawl broke out in December 2002.


During the incident Liam lost two of his front teeth and the band were forced to cancel the rest of their German tour.

At the time the band said they were victims of an “unprovoked attack”.

But police later said that Liam kicked an officer in the face and he had alcohol and drugs in his system.

The nightclub is to receive £12,000 of the fine for the damage according to reports while £4,000 will go to injured policeman.

The rest will go to a series of charities in Munich.

The man who knocked Liam’s teeth out will stand trial for the assault in the New Year.

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