There’s lots of treats and extras in store too…

OASIS are to release their entire album back catalogue for the first time through UK download services today (November 16).

Every week in the lead up to Christmas a new album will be made available through online stores such as iTunes, Napster, Connect, Woolworths, Virgin, MSN, mycokemusic.com, Oxfam’s bignoisemusic.com, Wanadoo and oasisinet.com.

The releases start today with ’Definitely Maybe’.

However, eager Oasis fans can get the full five studio album catalogue plus the currently deleted double version of the live album ’Familiar To Millions’ from the new digital download shop on oasisinet.com, which is also being launched today.

All of the other digital stores will also have their own exclusives to show or download, ranging from the ’Definitely Maybe’ singles including rare B-sides to little heard early interviews with the band.

You’ll also be able to find exclusive videos, excerpts from the recent tenth anniversary ’Definitely Maybe’ DVD and a competition to win a portable player already loaded with the entire Oasis catalogue.