Oasis and Stone Roses in bizarre Easter re-enactment

7000 witness the Manchester Passion

Top rock’n’roll sinners including Oasis and The Stone Roses won Christian redemption last night (April 14) on the streets of Manchester.

In one of the more bizarre celebrations over the Easter weekend, 7000 people turned out on the city’s Albert Square to watch the ‘Manchester Passion’, a live Good Friday re-enactment of the bible story, set to the pop music of the city.

Broadcast on the BBC the same night, the show saw actors perform songs by Manchester bands relating to key moments in the story. The actor played Jesus sang ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division at the Last Supper, while Judas sang Smiths hit ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’.

The two characters also duetted on New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, while Jesus duetted with Pontus Pilate on ‘Wonderwall’. Most dramatically, the disciple Peter sang The Stone Roses‘I Am The Resurrection’ as he betrayed the Christ character.

‘Jesus’ was seen riding into town on a bike trailed by a parade of followers with lightsticks, while the Last Supper took place at a Manc burger van.

As well as a cast of unknowns, Former James singer Tim Booth played Judas while sometime Primal Scream singer Denise Johnson portrayed the Virgin Mary.

Bishop Nigel McCulloch told the Manchester Evening News: “Manchester Passion has a sincerity and ability to shock and connect that is not far removed from how it must have been on the first Good Friday.”