Band driving force tells fans how important Oasis are to him...

Oasis will not split, despite the Gallagher brothers’ fiery bust-ups, Noel has insisted because the band are too “important” to him.

The group’s songwriter and driving force said being a part of Oasis was “the best gig in the world.”

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Gallagher said:

“Well, technically we’ve broken up quite a lot, but it’s never felt like that. Because the band’s too important to me – it’s what I do.”

He added: “At 35, now, to leave Oasis would be like getting a new girlfriend – it’s like I couldn’t be arsed, dating.

“Because the best gig in the world is being me, in Oasis… and I get to sing the two biggest songs of the night, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and ‘Wonderwall’.”

Oasis future was the subject of renewed speculation in December following Liam Gallagher’s arrest in Germany after he and members of his entourage got mixed up in a bar-brawl with Italian gangsters.