With just over a week to go to the festival, the wild rumours have started - how many of them will be true?...

With a little over week to go until GLASTONBURY, NOEL GALLAGHER, Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and failed Eurovision entrants GEMINI are the first victims of the festival’s rumour machine.

Even though the line-up has been announced, Glastonbury officials are struggling to cope with the huge amount of Internet rumours and half-truths circulating about the event.

The first is that Noel Gallagher, who is spending the weekend at Glastonbury, is planning act as compare in the New Tent when his favourite bands play in succession (June 28).

The Hokum Clones, The Basement, The Stands and The Bandits, who play in that order, are all groups who are in one way or another associated with Noel, with the last two recording at the guitarist’s studio. His friends have told NME.COM he’s “well up” for helping out his mates over the Glasto weekend, and taking to the stage before each one to big them up.

Recently it was announced The Chemical Brothers had recorded a new song with Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne. Called ‘The Golden Path’, it will feature on the band’s new Best Of compilation album, due for release in September. Somewhat conveniently, the Flaming Lips and the The Chemicals share a bill at Glastonbury, and are said to be planning the song’s first ever live performance.

“They all want to do it,” an insider told NME.COM, “it just depends on whether Wayne can get over to the dance stage in time! We’re keeping our fingers crossed.”

NME.COM also suggests keeping an eye on [/a]’ Pyramid Stage set – with dozens of people dressed up as fluffy animals on stage, don’t be surprised if your favourite drunk popstar smuggles his way up there dressed as a duck. Remember, Justin Timberlake did it on ‘Top Of The Pops’> dressed as a dolphin!

Other rumours currently doing the rounds are that Gemini, the boy-girl duo from Liverpool whose Eurovision song ‘Cry Baby’ shamed the nation, are to make a guest appearance in the Dance Tent, and [a] are to appear under a different name on the Other Stage. Both, unfortunately, have been officially denied to NME.COM.