Oasis star is going to "live my rock 'n' roll dream through them" from now on...

Noel Gallagher flew straight from a show in Detroit last night (August 22) to watch his “best new friends” Soundtrack Of Our Lives perform at Reading.

He decided to make the trek on impulse when the current leg of Oasis US tour wound up and they all realised they wouldn’t meet up again until a West Coast leg in January.

“Doing the gig last night with these lot [Soundtrack] it was cool man,” he told NME.COM. “It was the first time they had ever been to Detroit and it was one of our crew’s birthday and we had a big night. We’re not going to see them again till January, so we said what you doing later and they said we’re going to Reading.


“I said if you’re going to Reading I’m going to come. And Liam says fuck that, I’ve got the kids. I says, fucking hell man, they’re living it for us. I’m living my rock and dream from now on through them man.”

Oasis had been due to resume the US leg in November but as Soundtrack couldn’t make the shows, they decided to reschedule.

“They couldn’t do it in Januasry and we don’t want to do it with anyone else. They’re our new best friends in the whole world.”

Noel said he has recovered from the car crash which led to the cancellation of dates a couple of weeks ago.

“People said it was loads more than it was. I wish it was how it was portrayed in the press – like I’d been dragged from the burning wreckage of a vehicle, but I’d a couple of black eyes and a few scratches round my neck and that. Five days of vicodin man. I’ll tell you what man, it rocks my world.”

He added: We had to cancel three gigs. We have a motto that says the show must not go on. Even if I’ve got a scratch on the end of my fingernail then we’re pulling gigs, you know what I mean.”


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